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Heat-storing plastics

The PCM compound developed at TITK for thermal energy storage features the advantages of the different thermoplastic processing options in combination with additional properties such as an increase in thermal conductivity or an antibacterial feature. By varying the semi-finished products in the form of granulate, sheets, composite or injection molded bodies, versatile applications in thermal management can be realized.

The PCM compound has the following properties:

  • physical bonding of the paraffin in a polymer network structure
  • stable against leakage and cycling
  • high heat capacity up to 180J/g (50Wh/kg) à high energy storage densities
  • adjustable melting ranges from -4 to 82°C
  • damping of temperature peaks
  • addition of additives for further properties
  • thermoplastic processability

From this, versatile applications in thermal management can be realised.

Further information

Research topics

  • „Increasing the performance of electrotechnical processes by reducing thermal load peaks in the range of 80 to 130°C using innovative heat storage material“
  • „Heat and cold-storing transport foils for temperature-sensitive goods“
  • „Development of novel, actively cooled prosthetic materials using latent heat storage materials based on polymer-bound paraffins and composites built up from them“


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