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Other deformation methods

Depending on the moulding tool and the processing conditions, polymer solutions can be formed into hollow fibres, ultrafine fibrids or bristles. After passing through post-treatment stages, the products are ready for use or can be made up according to the application purpose.

In the field of nonwovens development, the meltblown process is another technology for moulding thermoplastic polymers.

Due to the flexibility of the installed technology, the range of polymers and additives can be adapted as desired, thus enabling a variety of conceivable products with special properties.


  • Molded articles from native and synthetic polymers
  • Chemical and physical modification
  • Dry-wet forming
  • Extrusion (into tubes and films)
  • Shear coagulation
  • Dispersion

Technical equipment

  • ​​​Stirring systems up to 20 l
  • Mixing chambers with periphery for fibride production
  • Cleaning and processing technology (washing baths, drying oven for continuous drying under pressure)
  • Comprehensive technology for characterization of moldings
  • BiKo meltblown plant for forming thermoplastic polymers into nonwovens from bi-component fibers
  • Dual meltblown line for forming thermoplastic polymers into multilayer or mixed-layer nonwovens