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Patent search and application

Patent search

Before filing a patent application and when applying for research and development work, the state of the art in the respective field should be researched. This can help you to distinguish yourself from known solutions or obtain ideas for new projects.

We search for you in licensed and publicly accessible databases and provide you with a detailed search report with the relevant publications identified.

We offer assistance with the following searches:

  • Novelty search - Is the invention new at all?
  • Overview search - What technical solutions has the competition developed?
  • Objection search - Finding documents to prevent another patent from being granted.
  • Invalidity search - Finding documents to cancel a patent that has already been granted.


Patent application

The TITK supports you in applying for patents, utility models and trademarks. We advise you on the various options for protecting your ideas. Together with you we will work out the protective right and accompany you on the way to registering it in Germany.

For patent applications, TITK offers the following:

  • Advice on the type of protective right - patent, utility model, trademark
  • Research on novelty and prior art - Does your invention already exist? How does it stand out from the state of the art?
  • Joint drafting of the patent
  • Filing the application at the DPMA in Germany
  • Monitoring the payment of fees