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Testing/Testing Method Development

The development of new materials and processes always requires the testing of material parameters or the development and qualification of new testing methods. These research activities are bundled at the TITK in the field of testing/testing method development.

In the field of textile and materials research, state-of-the-art testing laboratories and highly qualified staff are available for this purpose, covering various specialist areas:

This means that testing can be carried out on developments for customers from the starting material (fibres, polymers) to semi-finished products (woven fabrics, scrims, nonwovens, organic sheets, honeycombs, foams) to finished products (components, upholstery materials, surfaces).

The main focus is on the characterisation of:

  • material and structural parameters
  • quantitative and qualitative analyses
  • ageing processes
  • processing properties and behaviour in use

In addition to the application of standardised test methods, application-specific test methods can also be developed for special problems and customer-specific developments.