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Fiber composites for lightweight construction

The TITK is a sought-after partner of industry in materials research. For the automotive industry, the scientists work hand in hand in the key areas of polymers, composites and functional polymer systems - for example with polymer-based electronics, sensor technology and microstructuring.

The focus of materials and process development for the automotive industry and its suppliers is on fiber-reinforced plastics with high lightweight construction potential. In addition to technical requirements, the focus is increasingly shifting to issues of sustainable material use. For example, questions concerning the use of natural fibers, biopolymers and the use of recycled materials are increasing significantly. Therefore,TITK offers weight-saving solutions for components in vehicle interiors, develops new component surfaces and integrates functions for the mobility of the future.

With its machinery and plant technology, the TITK can map all the main processes of semi-finished and composite production. In particular, the possibility of in-house production of textile reinforcement materials and corresponding functional layer structures in combination with a first-class equipped pilot plant for composite production with various pressing and injection molding options make the TITK a competent and sought-after partner of the automotive industry.

In 2020, an extrusion line for the production of thermoplastic, fiber-reinforced sheet semi-finished products was commissioned in cooperation with the Thuringian Innovation Center for Mobility (ThIMo). The semi-finished products, for example made of natural fiber, glass fiber or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, are to be available in particular for lightweight construction applications in various mobility systems. The extrusion line also offers the possibility of producing fiber-reinforced profiles in addition to sheets.