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Textile semi-finished products

In the field of textile semifinished products/nonwovens/fiber processing, research work focuses on sustainable processes and products based on the use of textile fiber materials. For lightweight construction applications, for example, nonwovens made of natural but also recycled fibers are used as semi-finished products in automotive construction. For applications with higher stresses, developments are being made using high-performance fibers such as glass, carbon and aramid.

Preferably, nonwoven formation processes such as carding and air-laid processes or direct fiber injection processes are used. In combination with needling and thermobonding processes, a wide variety of bonding options are available.

Another focus is the automated cutting of textile surfaces using CNC cutters and the robot-assisted stacking, welding and sewing of reinforcement semi-finished products. State-of-the-art plant technology is used to develop low-waste and cost-effective solutions for customized composite structures.

Innovative recycling processes, especially for high-quality reinforcing fibers, are also part of the development content, as is the reuse of materials in demanding applications.