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Textile laminates/functionalisation/wet nonwovens

In the field of textile laminates, the TITK carries out research on the coating of carrier materials with solutions, dispersions, emulsions and plastisols, on the production of wet nonwovens and on the functionalisation of fibres and surfaces. Various technologies are available for the development of textile laminates:

  • Coating
  • Calendering
  • Laminating

Composite materials produced with these processes advantageously combine the properties of the substrates used and offer the possibility of developing novel and environmentally friendly products.

The development of wetlaid nonwovens focuses on the use of high-performance and special fibres for the manufacture of innovative and sustainable products such as nonwovens for air filtration or as semi-finished products for fibre composite applications.

For fibre composites, adhesion bonding is an important issue. The TITK focuses on adhesion and interface research and develops surface modifications and solutions for the incorporation of functional groups into the interface layers between fibre and matrix.

Another research and development direction is the functionalisation of fibres and surfaces to generate additional functions (antibacterial, conductive, chemisorptive, physisorptive and chromatic), which significantly expand or enable the industrial application spectrum of many materials.