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No new products without materials research: For more than 60 years, polymer materials have been developed in Rudolstadt for countless fields of application. Not as an end in themselves, but to quickly transfer them into series production. The TITK works in a business-oriented and application-oriented manner. The economic benefit is always the yardstick.

Equipped with a modern technology park, the TITK also develops starting materials for automotive components, lifestyle products, biotechnology and medical technology and much more. One goal of Thuringia's largest business-related research institution is to strengthen the innovative power of companies. Small and medium-sized companies often do not have sufficient capacity for their own research. At this point, the industry-related research institutions offer an excellent complement between basic university research and the sectoral requirements from industry.

One current innovation is a new type of transport film for temperature-sensitive goods. Thanks to the integrated phase change material (PCM), it warms or cools - just as required. The film can be produced in numerous variants or applied to existing containers. More information is available here.

For another innovation - a metal-free heating foil with integrated overheating protection that uses the so-called PTC effect - the TITK received the Thuringian Innovation Award in 2019.