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Flexible, metal-free heating foils with PTC effect

With the "PTC-ThermoMat - Efficient thermal management using flexible, metal-free polymer-based heating materials", TITK won the Thuringian Innovation Award in the "Industry & Materials" category at the end of 2019.

The heating foils with the so-called PTC effect ("positive temperature coefficient") are a self-heating foil that requires only a small amount of energy and also has its own thermal fuse. Once it reaches a certain, specifically adjustable maximum temperature, it stops heating. No additional control technology is required.

In this way, the material protects sensitive goods, people and equipment from heat damage. The range of applications is enormous. The film can be used not only in electric vehicles, where completely new areas in the interior or even in the engine compartment can be heated efficiently. It can also be used in electric floor and wall heating systems, as well as in operating tables, water beds, chair lifts and aquariums.