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Functional and natural polymers

The chemical modification of polysaccharides enables the targeted property design of bio-macromolecules. Fundamental chemical research into new substituents and reaction pathways results in innovative polymer materials and technical additives that open up the application fields of the future. Within the scope of applied research, new polymeric materials are developed and precursors are brought to market maturity.

The upscaling of laboratory-known syntheses to pilot plant scale is the first step in chemical process development for implementation in industrial practice.

For such upscaling processes, a synthesis pilot plant is available that is specially designed for the polymer-analogous conversion of polysaccharides and allows both homogeneous and heterogeneous synthesis routes.

Product developments based on fundamental and applied research lead to special polymers with adjustable property profiles, for example novel technical additives or biodegradable liquid films with adjustable hydrophilicity.


Technical equipment

  • Pressure filter plant (20 l) for cleaning and processing the raw products
  • Synthesis pilot plant with 1 l, 5 l and 20 l stainless steel pressure reactors
  • Pressures up to 20 bar, temperatures up to 250°C
  • Variable stirrer geometries
  • Gravimetric direct dosing of highly reactive etherification reagents
  • 4 l glass reactors with anchor stirrer