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Phase Change Materials

TITK has developed phase change materials that are capable of storing heat or cold at specified temperatures and releasing it when needed.
The effect of the granulates, foils, etc. is based on the effect of latent heat storage, i.e. a large amount of heat is stored by a physical conversion process without a perceptible change in temperature. As a result, the storage capacity can be increased several times over that of classic sensitive storage materials.


  • physical bonding of paraffin in a polymer network structure (no microencapsulation)
  • large heat transfer surface (granules up to 1 m²/l)
  • very high storage and withdrawal rate
  • run-out and cycling stability
  • high heat capacity up to 180kJ/kg (50Wh/kg)
  • water or air as heat transfer medium
  • thermoplastic processability
  • adjustable melting ranges from -4 to 82ºC

Fields of application

  • PCM granules: intermediate heat storage in tanks (solar energy, adsorption, chillers).
  • PCM powder in foam constructions, double-walled containers
  • PCM fibers in outdoor clothing, technical heat and cold insulation
  • PCM films & sheets for transportation, packaging, medical application, heat sinks in electronics, tarpaulins

You can find more information on the topic here.