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Fiber composites

The "Fiber Composites" work area comprises research activities on:

  • Material developments
  • Process developments
  • Process optimization

Material developments are carried out both in the area of semi-finished product production (various reinforcing fibers, material compositions, packaging forms of the semi-finished products) and in fiber composite production with various matrix materials (thermoplastic and thermoset composites).

Established composite manufacturing processes such as pressing, injection molding, extrusion and winding can be used. In addition, the company also develops its own Process developments, such as the production of textile granules for injection molding applications, back injection processes with reinforced plastics and innovative processes for the production of natural fiber composites. Promising developments can be accompanied up to pilot plant scale to facilitate implementation in industrial practice.

Another focus is on process optimization and technology development to make known processes more economical and environmentally friendly. Here, great importance is attached to close cooperation with industry in order to facilitate rapid implementation in practice.

The combined knowledge, skills and abilities of the textile and plastics engineers, materials scientists and chemists within one specialist department, together with the modern equipment in the pilot plant, provide the guarantee that innovative ideas can be further developed in the best possible way.