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Electrochromic modules

The electrochromic (EC) module is a multilayer system that changes color when an electrical voltage is applied. Depending on the polymers used, it is possible to switch between transparent and multiple colors. The EC effect is based on a change in light absorption due to current-induced oxidation or reduction processes in an EC material.

Electrochromic modules can be switched between different colors as required at the touch of a button and offer intelligent technical solutions for targeted control of the light transmission or reflection of objects.


  • modules based on EC polymers
  • cost-effective production (wet coating processes: roll-to-roll, inkjet printing, spin, spray coating)
  • flexible and glass modules
  • wide color range (colorless/yellow/blue, dark red/blue, turquoise/grey)
  • low energy consumption, small potentials (± 3V)
  • EC contrast > 60% T (colorless/blue)
  • fast switching speed (1 to 30 sec)

Fields of application

  • glazing for buildings or vehicles (save energy for air conditioning)
  • switchable information display
  • darkenable sunglasses/ visors (as needed at the push of a button)
  • optical filters
  • camouflage