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Textile semi-finished products/nonwovens

The production of nonwovens and textile semi-finished products is carried out using modern machinery on a small-technical scale with a working width of up to 1m.

These include

  • Needle web machine with upstream opener, card and compensating stacker
  • Random nonwoven line
  • Direct fiber processing (fiber blowing line)
  • Mechanical and thermal bonding of nonwovens on a thermofixing line (binding powder, bicomponent fibers)

In this field of work, both developments and services for customers are carried out.

These include activities such as:

  •     Working on research and development projects in cooperation with companies
  •     Production of test quantities
  •     Development of special processes
  •     Up-scaling of new processes to the production of small series
  •     Technical advice and support for implementation on an industrial scale

For the development of nonwovens and semi-finished products, TITK has extensive know-how at its disposal, on the basis of which a targeted selection of suitable fibres and optimal processes can be made, so that successful processing of a wide variety of tasks is guaranteed.

The spectrum of fibres ranges from classic synthetic fibres, natural fibres and recycled fibres to high-performance and special fibres made of glass, carbon and aramid. The development of textile semi-finished products / nonwovens focuses on applications as reinforcing materials in lightweight construction or as preliminary products for downstream processes. Typical areas of application are the textile industry, the automotive industry and fibre composite production.

More information

Research projects

  • Ortlepp, G.: Orientierte thermoplastische CF-Halbzeuge mit verbessertem Umformverhalten (MF 150148)
  • Reußmann, Dr. T.: Direktablage von Natur-Langfasern im 3D-Presswerkzeug (MF 150130)
  • Ortlepp, G.: Direkt abgelegte 3D-CF-Verstärkungshalbzeuge (MF 130137)
  • Reußmann, Dr. T.: Konturnahe Faserablage für CFK-Bauteile (MF 160119)