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Cutting/stack production

Cutting and stacking are the link between the development and production of flat reinforcement fiber semi-finished products and fiber composite production. For this purpose, a CNC cutter with a working width of 3,200 mm is available for contour-precise cutting. Depending on the material type, drawing knives, rotating or oscillating knives or a milling unit can be used.

In addition, robot technology can be used to stack, weld and sew the blanks produced by the cutter with layer accuracy. Gripper systems, sewing heads with various seam types, a welding device and an ultrasonic cutting head are available for this purpose.

The material base is broad and ranges from textiles, foils, foams, honeycombs and leather to organic sheets.

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Research projects

  • Ortlepp, G.: Stackaufbau für Nasspressprozesse unter Einbeziehung von rCF-Matten (MF 150136)