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Material developments

Material developments include both thermoplastic and thermoset composites. Finite-length fibers such as cellulose, wood fibers or natural fibers (e.g. flax or hemp), but also continuous fibers such as aramids, glass fibers or high-strength carbon fibers can be used as reinforcing materials. The aim of the developments are cost-efficient and sustainable materials as well as improved material and/or processing properties.


Current topics at TITK are:

  • Material developments on the basis of cellulose, wood or natural fibers with a
    • reduced basis weight
    • improved emission and impact behavior
    • bio-based matrix
    • high-quality surface design and soft-touch properties
  • Development of innovative sandwich components with honeycomb or nonwoven-based core layers (Light Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics LWRT)
  • Development of fiber-based impact modifiers for injection molding applications
  • Development of recyclable fiber composites as well as composites based on recycled reinforcing fibers
  • Development and characterization of sheet molding compounds (SMC) with recycled fibers
  • Development and optimization of composites made from recycled carbon fibers
  • Functional integration of composites

The TITK supports you in the implementation of developments on an industrial scale - starting with materials research and testing, production of sample material, small series production and transfer of production to industrial plants.