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EPNOE - European Network For Polysaccharides

TITK works as one of 17 members in the European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE). The consortium represents eight leading European nations (Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Romania) in the field of research and development on polysaccharide production, derivatization, deformation and application. It is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Patrick Navard, Ecole des Mines de Paris (France). The project is an initiative of the EU Commission to eliminate the existing fragmentation of the European research and development landscape in the mentioned field in the member states. The main objective here is to strengthen the European area in the international competition between regions.

In addition, joint R&D activities are to open up new findings in the basic area (structure-property relationship) as well as for innovative fields of application for this class of renewable raw materials.

The TITK represents in the network above all the know-how acquired in the development of dry-wet or wet forming technologies for alternative, environmentally friendly cellulose molded article production as well as the skills in the development of novel materials on the material basis of native polymers.

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