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An-Institute at the TU Ilmenau

Since December 2005, the TITK has been "An- Institute" at the Ilmenau University of Technology. This consolidates the existing research cooperation between the two partners, and basic research at the TU Ilmenau benefits from the application-oriented interdisciplinary know-how of the TITK as well as from its networking with industry.

The aim of this cooperation within the framework of basic and preliminary research projects as well as applied industrial research is to ensure that novel material concepts and ideas are implemented as quickly as possible in new products, processes and services and thus become usable for industry. To this end, TU Ilmenau and TITK are actively involved in a large number of regional and supra-regional and even EU-wide initiatives for networking and cluster formation. Initial joint research focuses include activities for the development of polymer solar cells and photovoltaic modules based on them, polymer-based electronic components, actuators using functional polymer systems, sensors based on fiber composites with piezoelectric properties, and joint material developments as part of the regional growth core "ALCERU-HIGHTECH". The close and very successful cooperation between the TU Ilmenau and the TITK is illustrated in currently five jointly acquired and highly interdisciplinary research projects with a funding and third-party funding volume for both partners of more than 2.7 million euros.

Furthermore, the TITK supports the education of students of the Ilmenau University of Technology. For this purpose, Professor Dr. Heinemann, head of the department "Functional Polymer Systems" of the TITK has already realized the course "Organic Chemistry / Polymer Chemistry - Fundamentals of Polymer Materials" for several years. It is compulsory for students in the 3rd semester of the course "Materials Science" (Bachelor of Science) and optional for students in the 1st semester of the course "Technical Physics" (Master of Science). As of the winter semester 2011 / 2011, this course is now also a compulsory part of the "Master of Science" course in "Mechanical Engineering".

Within the scope of the course "Production and Processing of Plastics - Composites" for students in the 4th semester of the course "Materials Science" (Bachelor of Science) under the responsibility of Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Koch, the endowed professor for plastics technology at the TU Ilmenau, whose founders also include OMPG mbH - the wholly owned subsidiary of TITK, a block practical course is carried out by the department "Plastics Research" of TITK. In addition, interested students of the Technical University of Ilmenau can take advantage of the opportunity to complete internships at the TITK, especially during lecture-free periods, in order to gain an intensive insight into the current activities of the industry-related polymer materials research of the TITK.