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Textile laminates

TITK develops laminates as two- or multi-layer systems by using different technologies.

  • Wet coating of textile webs with liquid, pasty or foamed coating compounds by means of padder or labcoater.
  • Application of hot-melt adhesive powders using a powder spreading device with integrated IR heating field
  • Lamination of various material webs such as fabrics, foils, non-wovens using the thermobonding process with a laminating calender
  • Laminating and compacting of sheet materials with a double belt press (Thermofix system)

Depending on the application, each of the above processes offers typical advantages and enables the development of innovative and environmentally friendly technical textiles and textile composite structures. The characterisation of the composite materials takes place during the process in our own test laboratories.

Our core competencies are the development of two- or multi-layer material composites using adhesive films and adhesive fleeces. Woven fabrics, nonwovens, films and foams serve as backing materials. Processing on modern equipment in conjunction with the many years of experience and sound specialist knowledge of our employees guarantees comprehensive, holistic and far-sighted processing of a wide range of issues.

The Department of Laminate Development is involved in numerous and practice-oriented issues that play a role in the production and application of technical textiles or textile semi-finished products for fibre composites. The close cooperation of the individual working groups guarantees successful development work. We accompany your development project up to small series production.

Selected applications

  • Workwear and protective clothing
  • Sports and leisure
  • Medical textiles
  • Filter fabrics
  • Automotive textiles