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Reactive modifiers for polymer modification by "Reactive compounding"

Research and development work on polymer modification and processing as well as the development of intelligent plastic additives with reactive and/or functional properties for

  • polyamides, polyesters, polyolefins as well as liquid crystalline polymers (LCP) and polymer blends
  • the development of functional, migratable plastic additives with special protective functions for formulations in polyamides and polyesters with high efficiency
  • the synthesis and modification of thermostable polymer systems for membrane separation technology or for use in PEM fuel cells

Research and development services

  • Synthesis of highly effective additives for UV protection, with antibacterial or other functional properties for polyamides and polyesters.
  • Determination of the UV protection factor (UPF) of textiles according to DIN EN ISO 13758-1
  • Light microscopic investigations up to 600 °C in particle and pollutant analysis or polymer characterisation (crystallisation, nucleation) incl. image documentation
  • Characterisation of membrane properties and application-specific process analysis of membrane separation processes in membrane separation technology


  • Hydrolysis-stabilised polyamides
  • Crosslinkable and partially crosslinked polymer formulations in polypropylene and polyamide
  • UV-protection in polyamides and polyesters by highly effective additives for filaments and fibres, UV-protective textiles, functional textiles
  • Heat stabilisation of polyamides
  • Surface-effective polymer additives for antibacterial finishes of polyamide filaments
  • Temperature-resistant polymer membranes for wet separation processes in ultra- and microfiltration
  • Alternative polymer materials for use in PEM fuel cells