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Piezoresistive fibre sensors (Strain gauge sensors)

Piezoresistive sensors have been a new research focus at TITK since 2019. The measuring principle is based on the change in electrical resistance as a function of fibre elongation.

That is, they are flexible, electrically conductive filaments with high elongation at break whose properties are based on those of electrically modified, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU).

Strains up to 50 % reversible and beyond can be recorded and quantified once.

Manufacturing process

The piezoresistive fibre sensors are manufactured via the high-temperature melt spinning process and can be spun as single-component or bicomponent coaxial filaments. The diameters are variable. Depending on the material combination, the piezoresistive fibre sensor can be adapted for a wide range of applications.

More Information

Research projects

Highly flexible strain-measuring sensor fibre (BMWI / INNO-KOM, MF180094, 2019 - 2021)