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Efficient energy management using flexible, metal-free polymer-based heating materials

If the waste heat from the engine is not used for heating the passenger compartment in an e-vehicle, alternative solutions for efficient air conditioning are required. One approach is low-temperature panel heaters that create a comfortable climate for the driver and passengers close to the body. Electrically conductive plastics with PTC effect (PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient), which can be integrated over a wide area, e.g. in the door, the seat, the roof lining or in the footwell, offer the technical possibilities for this. The PTC effect inherent in the materials leads to a self-regulating reduction of the heating power with increasing temperature. Moreover, the materials are light and easily recyclable.

The conductive plastics with PTC effect can be processed into films, sheets, tubes or injection moulded bodies and thus enable applications e.g. as

  •     heatable liquid containers
  •     heatable pipelines
  •     wall and floor heating
  •     heatable wheelchairs
  •     Foot heating mats
  •     heating mats for pets

The TITK's offer:

Development of customised plastics with PTC effect for heating applications

Research projects

  • Electrically conductive films with PTC properties for surface heating, 01.02.2016 - 30.06.2018
  • Polymer PTC heaters for tanks and pipes in cars, 01.02.2019 - 31.07.2021