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Wetting behaviour

At the TITK, investigations can be carried out on the wetting behaviour of surfaces, the determination of contact angle, roll-off angle, polar and disperse components of the surface energy as well as other characteristic features of interfaces and surfaces.

The following measurement options are available:

  • Measurement on hanging drop (pendant drop)
  • Measurement on a sitting drop (sessile drop)
  • Measurement on curved surfaces (roll-off angle)
  • Measurements under inert gas atmosphere are possible

The following contact angle measuring device is available

  • Measuring device: DSA100 (Krüss)
  • PC-controlled single and multi-dosing system (4 different test liquids)
  • Special liquids possible
  • Integrated camera (up to 360 images/s)
  • Peltier temperature chamber (-30 °C to 160 °C)
  • Inert gas connection
  • Tilting table