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FT-IR microspectroscopy

The TITK offers the possibility to perform microspectroscopic analyses in the IR-series.

Possible applications

  • Examination of heterogeneous materials (composites, layered composites)
  • Diagnosis of defects, structural defects, impurities
  • Examination of microstructured or locally modified surfaces
  • Identification of engineering plastics or plastic mixtures
  • Use of small sample quantities are sufficient for quantitative measurement

The following measuring device is available:

  • Equinox 55 with IR microscope (Bruker)
  • Spectral resolution 0.5 cm-1
  • Measuring range 370 cm-1 to 7800 cm-1 (with microscope 600 cm-1 to 4800 cm-1)
  • Spatial resolution approx. 10 µm (magnification 15x, 36x)