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Colour measurement

At the TITK, colourimetric investigations can be carried out on solids (plates, foils), liquids (transmission, absorption) as well as pastes, powders and granulates.

The following parameters can be determined:

  • Colourimetric values according to different colour systems (CIELAB, XYZ, etc.) and with different types of standard light.
  • Colour differences (dE value)
  • Different indices in reflection (whiteness, yellowness) and transmission (Gardner colour index, Iodine colour index, Hazen APHA)
  • Transmittance
  • Opacity (haze/turbidity)

In addition, measurements for gloss determination as well as UV/VIS spectroscopic examinations including time-dependent measurements can be carried out.

Relevant standards

DIN 5033, DIN EN ISO 11664

Colour measurement / standard colour values / chromaticity coordinates

ISO 14782, ASTM D 1003

Haze / turbidity value (opacity)

ISO 6271

Platinum-cobalt colour number (Hazen APHA) - Part 2: Spectrophotometric method

DIN 67530, ISO 2813                       

Gloss (reflectometer value)

ISO 13468, ASTM D 1003

Transmittance of plastics

DIN 6167, ASTM E 313

Whiteness / yellowness / yellowing