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Communications of the institute


TITK Group supports Gymnasium Fridericianum

A creative approach to architecture and design in art lessons, a better understanding of geometric bodies in math or of anatomical shapes in biology:…

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TITK scientist in the PUR+ broadcast on ZDF and KiKA

In the episode "Eric sticks", the children and youth television channel reports in a very entertaining way what the entirely bio-based and…

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3D printing center for selective laser sintering goes into operation

As part of a workshop at the series "RUDOLSTÄDTER KUNSTSTOFFTAGE", the TITK presented an important new investment on November 4, 2021: a system for…

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TITK turns 30: Convince through creativity, initiative, and performance

Many a success story begins with the ground-breaking ceremony in the open countryside: When Prof. Dr. Hans Böhringer rammed the spade into the ground…

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Bright minds at TITK: Dr. Tobias Biletzki

The thirty-seven-year old Jena scientist wants to help reduce negative environmental impacts of the chemical industry. Chemistry should become cleaner…

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