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Welcome to the TITK Group!

A short supplement to the new training year: It started at the end of August in the TITK-Group Rudolstadt with four new apprentices, one BA-student as well as a takeover after successful completion of the vocational training. Traditionally, the management had invited to a small reception on this occasion.

A few days ago, Managing Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer was finally able to officially welcome the young colleagues to the institute. As an incentive for the coming three and a half years, they received flowers and a small gift.

These were given to the prospective chemical laboratory assistants Lucca Kling, Vincent Wehle and Till Schmieder as well as the prospective textile laboratory assistant Lea Steffen. Antonia Kopprasch successfully completed her training as a chemical laboratory assistant and was taken on as a permanent employee in the chemical analytics unit.

The TITK Director had a special word of thanks for all the trainers in the company network. Representing them at the reception were Johannes Neudam and Julia Ziegengeist. The latter had graduated in 2021 as a "state-certified textile technician" and was the best in her year at the E.O. Plauen vocational school center. Even then, the deputy laboratory manager was aiming for her next goal: the training authorization. In the meantime, Julia Ziegengeist has this in her pocket, and she has now been able to take Lea Steffen, her first own apprentice, under her wing.

Last but not least, the TITK Group has also had a BA student since October: Tim Gutschmidt will complete the practical part of his studies at the Duale Hochschule Gera-Eisenach in the TITK Plastics Research Department.

TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer (right) personally welcomed the prospective chemical laboratory assistants Lucca Kling (left) and Vincent Wehle (2nd from left) as well as the prospective textile laboratory assistant Lea Steffen (4th from left). Antonia Kopprasch (5th from left) was taken on in a permanent position. Thanks were given to the trainers Johannes Neudam (2nd from right) and Julia Ziegengeist (3rd from left).