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Start-ups come to TITK in a double pack

The fifth edition of the Thuringian start-up competition "get started 2gether" was once again a complete success. Thanks to funding from the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Science and Digital Society, all 12 start-ups that faced the jury and the public at the Institute for Applied Construction Research (IAB) in Weimar on May 5, 2022, will now be able to use the complete infrastructure of a business-oriented research institution for six months and receive all-round support from experienced scientists. This time, TITK even will accompany two start-up teams on their way: IDloop GmbH from Jena and Labresa GmbH from Rudolstadt.

The biometrics start-up IDloop is working on a contactless 3D fingerprint capture. To this end, the founding team from Jena has developed a recording technology that makes it possible to optically record the finest details of the papillary lines of human fingers without contact. This technology is now to be further developed to market maturity. To this end, it must be integrated into a robust housing that is thermally stable, easy to clean, and protected against dust and splash water.

Labresa GmbH has set itself the goal of developing, producing and marketing technical products made of antibacterial and antiviral plastics. They are created on the basis of AGXX additives. This technology relies on redox reactions and microelectric field effects.  In this process, oxygen is converted into reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the presence of atmospheric moisture. These react with the microorganisms and kill them. In addition, the microelectric field present impairs important cell membrane functions, accelerating the elimination of the microorganisms.

TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer presented both start-ups with a letter of intent (LOI) while still in Weimar, sealing the cooperation with the research institute. "We are very pleased to be able to work with two such innovative start-ups in the next few months," says Redlingshöfer, who also thanks his team from  TITK for clearly demonstrating the potential for both collaborations.

TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer (right) presents the Letter of Intent to the founding team of IDloop from Jena: Managing Director Jörg Reinhold (left) and Co-Founder Philipp Riehl.
TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer (right) presents the letter of intent to Paul Landau of Rudolstadt-based start-up Labresa GmbH.