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Polymer synthesis and development of composite materials

Building on experience of more than 80 years in synthetic polymers, the TITK nowadays develops new materials and fiber precursors on the basis of polyamides of the categories PA6, PA66, PA66T, and PA66.6T and of polyesters like, for example, PBT, PET or PEN.

With test apparatuses, the TITK manufactures thermoplastic polymers via melt polymerization and melt polycondensation for functional materials which are processed further in close cooperation with melt spinning, compounding, and injection molding pilot plant stations. At the TITK, polyester copolymers for fire resistant materials and fibers for flame protection applications are developed. For that, various comonomers and nanoscale, mineral additives can be incorporated in the polymers on site. Collaterally, particle size distributions of additives are specified. Furthermore, polycarbonates can be manufactured via transesterification of diphenyl carbonate with bisphenols at a scale of 1 kg and 5 kg.

For the development of carbon fiber precursor materials acrylonitrile co-polymerizates are synthesized systematically through redox-activated radical suspension polymerization with defined molecular weight distribution. Mw/Mratios of 1.8 are possible. Processing of the powders from DMSO solutions takes place directly in a wet spinning pilot plant. New raw materials can be tested in small polymerization plants at a scale of 50g – 100 g. Process-related analyses are carried out in the laboratories. In cooperation with industrial partners and a partner for special machine construction the pilot plants can be customized.


Current research projects in this area:

Innovative fabric-reinforced composite materials for organic sheets

Project manager Dr. Peter Bauer

Innovative isosorbide based thermoplastic materials

Project manager Dr. Peter Bauer