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Thermal energy storage materials

(Phase change material plastics)

For more than 12 years, the TITK has ben dealing with the development of thermal energy storage materials. In this process, extensive knowledge of the topic thermal management in building technology, electrical engineering, and transportation has been collected. An advantage of the developed PCM compound is its adaptability to the corresponding use due to its thermoplastic processability. Hereby, different semi-finished products like granulate, panels, gel, composite or injection molded bodies can be realized. In combination with other additives, further properties like, for example, antibacterial equipment or an increase of thermal conductivity can be implemented.

Current research topics in this area:

PCM slurries as fluid heat and cold storages with high capacity

Project manager Martin Geißenhöner

Performance increase of electro-technical processes by cutting down on thermal peak loads in the range from 80 to 130 °C by means of innovative heat storage material

Project manager Martin Geißenhöner

Leakproof solid-solid PCM based on poly(alkyl)acrylates respectively poly(alkyl)methacrylates

Project manager Martin Geißenhöner
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