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Materials for high frequency technology

Particular magnetic polymer materials with very high magnetic and dielectric attenuation losses in the MHz and GHz ranges can be applied for the shielding attenuation of electronic modules or at extremely low attenuation losses also for the construction of miniaturized antenna systems.

In addition to that, dielectrically filled thermoplastic polymer composites and silicone elastomers for miniaturizing antennas with resonance frequencies of 400 and 800 MHz have been researched and developed.

At relatively high filling levels of the polymer composites, various processing methods of the plastics technology like extrusion, injection molding, casting process, and 3D printing (FFF) were tested and optimized.

Current research topics in this area:

Development of innovative miniaturized antenna systems through application of polymer composites and hybrids suitable for high frequencies; development of functional polymer titanate composites for the use as HF substrate materials and for the casing of miniaturized antenna structures

Project manager Günther Pflug

New, low-loss magnetodielectric polymer hybrid substrates

Project manager Günther Pflug

Polymer substrates for 5G UWB antennas

Project manager Günther Pflug
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