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Flame protection

The work area “flame-retardant plastics” deals with the modification of mainly thermoplastic plastics with halogen-free and halogenated flame retardants as well as synergistic mixtures to achieve appropriate flame-retardant polymer properties.

The composites equipped with flame-resistance can be manufactured both via extrusion process and via use of reactive comonomers by synthesis method (e.g., polyesters equipped with flame-resistance). The areas of application particularly comprise the electrical industry, the automotive and rail sector, and the construction sector.

Current research projects in this area:

Development of innovative flame-retardant PC blends for applications in the rail vehicle sector, of an in-line process to produce semi-finished sheet products as well as of a deep-drawing process for the new recipes and semi-finished products; enhanced flame resistance of PC through new and innovative material combinationsProject manager Dr. Michael Gladitz

LOGI – lifesaving object protection through fire protection safety glass integration; development of flame-retardant polymer films preferably of PC and PET for mechanical stabilization of fire-resistant glasses

Project manager Simone Post