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Communications of the institute


Thuringia funds further investments at TITK

Three days before Christmas Eve, Economics Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee paid another visit to the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics…

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Attract young talents for science & technology

For two years now, the southeast Thuringia region has also had a pupil research center in Rudolstadt - a project of the Rudolstadt Innovation and…

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Welcome to the TITK Group!

A short supplement to the new training year: It started at the end of August in the TITK-Group Rudolstadt with four new apprentices, one BA-student as…

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Gold and Silver at International Inventors' Fair iENA

The antibacterial and antiviral cellulose fiber "Cell Solution® BIOACTIVE" and the completely biobased and biodegradable hotmelt adhesive Caremelt®…

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TITK Group honored for equal opportunities in professions

The TOTAL E-QUALITY association honored 59 organizations from across Germany for practicing equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace on…

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