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Top balance sheet despite difficult general conditions

At the general meeting of TITK e.V. on June 15, 2022, the managing director Benjamin Redlingshöfer was able to give an extremely positive assessment for the business year 2021. Despite difficult general conditions, the TITK succeeded once again in increasing sales revenues from contract research and economic activities. For this, all employees of the TITK Group deserve a big thank you!

However, a precarious situation is threatened by the unclear continuation of the important federal programs ZIM and INNO-KOM. Here the hope remains for a quick clarification in order to have planning security again. "In Thuringia we are currently seeing how it can work - with extremely constructive cooperation with the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society and reliable funding through the RTI Directive," says TITK Director Redlingshöfer.

Currently, 53 research projects are being worked on at the institute, and another nine are in the application process. The scientists' focus remains on sustainable innovations, as the members learned during the presentation of exemplary projects. For example, the research projects "Lyocell cellulose from agricultural residues", "Development of CO2-optimized vehicle underbodies - easily without oil-based resources", "Antibacterial bioresorbable catheter coating" or also "High-temperature-resistant piezoelectric functional fibers".
TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer also announced further investments. For example, the institute will build its own pulp extraction line in order to become even more independent in one of its core competencies - the Lyocell process. Furthermore, the construction of a cold storage hall and two joint projects with the Thuringian Innovation Center for Mobility (ThIMO) and the Department of Plastics Technology at the Technical University of Ilmenau are planned for this year: At the TU, an additional twin-screw extruder will be purchased, and at the TITK, the robot-assisted "Textile Cell" will be supplemented by a tape laying and winding line.

Meanwhile, the association can be pleased about a new member - SOEX Recycling Germany GmbH from Bitterfeld-Wolfen. And there were also some personnel changes on the board of trustees in the course of the new election. New members of the board include District Administrator Marko Wolfram and Dr. Brit Clauß from Chemnitz Technical University, but also Prof. Dr. Jens Müller, Vice President of Ilmenau Technical University. "We look forward to constructive cooperation," says Redlingshöfer.

Voting on resolutions at the General Meeting.
TITK Director Benjamin Redlingshöfer reports on the business situation.
The heads of the research departments presented exemplary projects, here Dr. Thomas Reußmann, head of the Textile and Materials Research department.