Wet laid nonwovens

Work with wet laid nonwovens focuses on:

  • Development of nonwovens for filtration applications with high-tech fibers
  • Nonwoven formation experiments using special fibers such as carbon fibers, aramide fibers, metallic fibers, electrically conductive fibers, ion-exchange fibers and antimicrobial fibers
  • Optimization/adaptation of filter nonwovens through the production of multilayered nonwoven constructions
  • Development of new filtration nonwovens in line with customer requirements
  • Characterization of various fiber qualities with regard to processability in the wet laid process
  • Tests to determine dispersion properties, suitable cutting lengths, drainage behavior
  • Evaluation of nonwoven forming properties on belt
  • Nonwoven solidification with bonding agents or through thermo-bonding
  • Production of test amounts
  • Assessment of the mechanical properties of nonwovens


Technical equipment


  • Wet laid non-woven devices with a working width of 300 mm
  • Cavitec minicoater 400 powder coating machine for applying melting powders; working width of up to 400 mm, infrared heatsetting
  • Laboratory foulard/laboratory drying devices (MATHIS)
  • 2-roll calender for thermo-bonding nonwovens and laminating different types of webs such as woven fabrics, films, nonwovens etc.
  • Coating device with dryer for applying pasty or foamed coating masses with various squeegee systems
  • Spraying machine for minimal application of liquid bonding systems