Field of Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles  focuses on

  • Development of nonwovens
  • Laminate development
  • Special fibre dosage processes
  • Fibre functionalisation

Technical Textiles utilises needle, wet-laid and spunbond nonwovens technology to develop suitable nonwovens, and also employs existing laminate production equipment to develop  laminates, aiming at designing the most diverse products in cooperation with end users. In this field there exists extensive experience  of high-performance fibers in particular, as well in the processing of natural and wood fibers.

Processes that make possible a defined dosage of short and long fibers into thermoplastic polymers, rubber mixtures, silicone and resin systems are of increasing interest today.

Also gaining in importance, however, is the functionalisation of fibers and threads, particularly in terms of creating a chromatic effect, whereby the colour changes caused by various environmental factors (temperature, light, pH values etc.) are used as indicators here.

Besides that another major focus is laid on the examination and clarification of interconnections related to technical textile aging through artificial weathering techniques involving light exposure, sun simulations, and climate changes. The stability requirements of the automotive industry are generally used here as assessment criteria for evaluating things like automobile decorative materials made of textiles, films or leather, for example.