Textile and Materials Research

The Department of Textile and Materials Research is the longest-standing organisational unit at the TITK, with roots dating back to the establishment of the Institute of Chemical Fibre Textile Technology in 1954.
Throughout its history, the department has continually redefined its work content and adapted it to emerging industrial requirements. Nevertheless, to this very day, the focus of its activities has remained the characterisation and processing of fibre materials, as well as their practical application. In the past, such materials were used primarily in the clothing industry. Today, however, they are in great demand in lightweight construction applications that utilise technical textiles and fibre-reinforced composites, which are the main fields of the department.

The Department of Textile and Materials Research combines tradition, expertise and innovation for the benefit of customers, which is why it operates today as a provider for research services that utilises state-of-the-art technology and consistently focuses on the needs of industry.