Specialised processes - Thermo forming

The TITK uses a high-performance Geiss thermo forming machine to manufacture thermo-formed components. The machine is equipped with top and bottom heating units, as well as an adjustable tenter frame.

Research in this area at the TITK addresses issues such as the evaluation of the thermoformability of films and the preforming of decorative materials for processing with back injection techniques.

Various tools (for 3D contours) that enable different deformation depths are available for use with the thermoforming machine. The TITK also conducts fundamental analyses of the influence exerted by material properties and process parameters.


Technical equipment


  • Thermoforming machine for preforming decorative films
  • Modular experimental tool
  • Dual-band heatsetting line for laminating decorative materials
  • Heatable 2-roll calendar for laminating decorative materials
  • Digital printer for printing decorative materials
  • Arburg 520 C - 2000 - 675 injection moulding machine (screw diameter: 60 mm)