Specialised processes - Filament winding

Rotational-symmetric hollow bodies are generally manufactured using thermoset matrix systems and glass or carbon fibres.

Besides employing such standard procedures, the TITK also carries out diverse experiments that utilise various matrix materials (thermoset and thermoplastic) and fibre materials (high-performance fibres, natural fibres and other cellulosic fibres).


Technical equipment

  • FWA II/3/1 filament winding unit for manufacturing continuous fibre-reinforced rotational-symmetric wound components with a thermoset or thermoplastic matrix
  • Max. core diameter of 500 mm
  • Max. core length of 2000 mm
  • Independent programming of three axles
  • CNC control for free program design
  • Resin-basin immersion for fibre impregnation with thermoset matrix materials
  • Preheating station for melting thermoplastic matrix materials
  • Winding rack for up to eight material reels
  • Rotation machine for turning the bobbin core during the hardening phase