Specialised processes - Inkjet Printing

Direct digital printing offers an unbeatable advantage over conventional printing technologies in that the print motif is transferred directly from the computer to the printer without any need for a static printing tool.

The TITK’s activities here focus on:

  • development of technologies for inkjet printing on polymer films,
  • analyses of the application possibilities for new refined plastic surfaces created with direct printing techniques
  • studies on the integration of direct printing methods into state-of-the-art one-step decorative printing processes. 


Technical equipment

The Freejet 320+ is a digital printer based on piezo inkjet technology. The device works with special water-based and thermally hardened pigment inks, which have outstanding environmental compatibility and UV resistance, and high level of abrasion resistance. The maximum printing size is 330 mm x 520 mm. 


Freejet 320+ inkjet printer