Injection moulding and special technology

Special injection moulding techniques, such as back injection and back injection compression moulding, are becoming increasingly important in the process for manufacturing components with decorative or functional surfaces.

These techniques offer a major benefit in that they enable the required surface refining process to be carried out in the very same step as the actual component production process (direct lamination). To this end, the decorative material is placed in a tool and then backfilled with molten thermoplastic. The result is a fully finished component that generally requires only minor reworking.

The TITK can back inject ornamental materials either directly or in a preformed state. Various tools (for panels with and without a grainy effect, 3D contours) are available, and fundamental analyses of ornamental materials, substrates and the influence exerted by component contours can also be carried out.


Technical equipment


  • Arburg 520 C - 2000 - 675 injection moulding machine (screw diameter: 60 mm)
  • Modular experimental tool equipped with sensors for measuring temperature and internal pressure
  • Tools for producing panels with and without a grainy effect, as well as 3D contours with various radii
  • Cavitec Minicoater 400 powder coating machine with a working width of up to 400 mm and infrared heat setting
  • Dual-band heatsetting line for laminating decorative materials
  • Heatable 2-roll calendar for laminating decorative materials
  • Thermoforming machine for preforming decorative films
  • Digital printer for printing decorative materials