A major focus at the Department of Plastics Research is the development of special polymer nanocomposites based on standard thermoplastics and technical thermoplastics.

The department has also been modifying plastics with nanoadditives since 1999, whereby activities range from production and characterisation of dispersions to ensuring nanoscale distribution of the additives in polymers.

The goal here is to maintain in the polymers as well the properties brought about by the size and special design of the nanoparticles. To this end, we often conduct comparisons between nanocomposites by extrusion process and nanocomposites directly produced during the polymer synthesis process.
Current research also focuses on other modifications to plastics, such as fibre reinforcements (glass, natural and synthetic fibres), flame-retardant materials, barrier improvement and production of electrically conductive or electromagnetic shielding polymer composites.


organophiles Nanoschichtsilikat in HDPE Nano-Apatit in PA6.6 (über in-situ Einarbeitung)

Organically modified nanoclay in a HDPE
matrix polymer

Apatite / PA6.6 nanocomposite
(via in-situ incorporation process)