Fibre-reinforced plastics

Extrusion techniques can be used to develop and manufacture glass fibre, synthetic fibre, natural fiber and carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastics with outstanding mechanical properties.

Institute research activities here focus on implementing lightweight design concepts, in particular conceptual approaches for improving effective fibre lengths and fibre/matrix adhesion.

The use of special synthetic fibres in particular plastic composites has made it possible to produce bulk plastics that combine contrary properties such as better impact resistance, greater material stability and high rigidity.

Technical equipment

  • ZSE 40 MAXX 52D twin-screw extruder
  • Gravimetric dosage system for granules, powders, liquids and fibre-like materials
  • Fibre cutting and feeding unit for extrusion
  • Strand and underwater pelletiser
  • Continual granule processing with classifying sieve, helical dryer and packaging unit
  • Sheet extrusion line
  • Arburg Allrounder 320M 850-210 injection moulding machine
  • 2 components injection moulding machine (Fa. Battenfeld HM 110/350H/130V)