Other shaping technologies

Activities in the field of films, fibrids and beads consist of the shaping of dissolved native and synthetic polymers with and without the addition of modifying additives.

Depending on processing conditions and the forming tools used, polymer solutions can be shaped into hollow tubings, extremely fine fibrids and spherical structures. After undergoing several aftertreatment steps, the products are ready for use and can be finished in accordance with the intended application.

The flexibility of the installed equipment allows the variety of polymers and additives to be adapted in line with requirements, which enables a wide range of conceivable products with special properties.




  • Shaped bodies from native and synthetic polymers
  • Chemical and physical modification
  • Dry-wet shaping
  • Extrusion (to produce tubing and films)
  • Shear coagulation
  • Dispersing


Technical equipment

  • Application field spinning plant with flexible aftertreatment modules for producing large-diameter tubing
  • Stirring systems up to 20 litres
  • Mixing chamber including peripheral equipment for fibrid production (up to 20 kg dispersion per h)
  • Cleaning and recycling technology (washing baths, drying oven for inline drying under pressure)
  • Extensive equipment for characterisation of shaped bodies


Ceramic beads

Cellulose fibrids