Native Polymers and Chemical Research

The Department of Native Polymers and Chemical Research continues a long tradition of producing man-made fibres. This tradition orginated in the R&D-activities of the Institute of Textile Technology of Chemical Fibres (ITC), which has been the parent institute of the TITK since 1954 and has been active in the development of man-made fibres and different generations of cellulose regenerate fibres during this period.

After re-establishing the institute as the TITK, the department mainly focused on the direct dissolution and dry-wet-shaping of functional- and native polymers (especially cellulose, its derivatives, other polysaccharides and proteins), as well as on the characterisation of polymer solutions and the modification of spinning solutions.Fibre development activities and other shaping processes for polymeric solutions have always been at the centre of interest here.
Among other things, the department has succeeded in advancing to a commercial scale its independently developed technology for direct dissolution and dry-wet shaping of cellulose and the speciality fibres derived thereof.

Along with cellulose and its chemical and physical modification and shaping, technology and product development also focuses on soluble native and synthetic polymers.

Following a long-term tradition, the department consists of a team of experienced chemists, process and textile engineers, and physicists. All of these experts are available as partners and service providers for the development of innovative fibre and shaped polymer materials, and also serve as research consultants who play an active role in basic and detailed process engineering.