Functional- and native polymers

Chemical modification of polysaccharides enables a selective property design of bio macromolecules. Innovative polymeric materials and technical additives, which open up new application fields of the future, are formed by examining the impact new substituents and reactions pathways have on fundamental material properties. New polymeric materials are developed and preliminary products commercialised within the scope of applied research.

Upgrading lab procedures to a application field scale represents the first step in chemical technology development for industrial applications. A application field is currently available for polymer-analogue polysaccharide upgrading that allows for both homogeneous and heterogeneous synthetic pathways.

Product development based on fundamental and applied research leads to the creation of speciality polymers with adjustable property profiles in the form of novel technical additives or bio-degradable liquid films with adjustable hydrophilicity, for example.


Technical equipment


  • Synthesis application field equipped with 1-litre , 5-litre and 20-litre high-grade steel-pressure reactor vessels
  • Pressures up to 20 bar, temperatures up to 250°C
  • Variable agitator shapes
  • Straight gravimetric metering of highly-reactive etherification agents
  • 4 l Glass vessel reactors with anchor agitator