Fibre development

The working scope of fibre development focuses on cellulose and its derivatives, proteins, polyacrylonitrile, polyvinyl alcohol and aramides. Activities encompass:

  • The preparation of polymer solutions
  • The development of fibres for production in wet or dry spinning processes
  • The development of spun-bonded fabric from solutions or low-melting polymers
  • The development of functionalised fibres and fibre non-wovens
  • Technology development for the production of man-made fibres




  • Production and characterisation of polymer solutions
  • Textile fibres from polymer solutions
  • Spun non-wovens from solutions or low-melting polymers
  • Milling of inorganic and organic particles
  • Functionalization of fibres during fibre forming process
  • Functionalised cellulose fibres
  • Basic engineering for fibre production


Technical equipment


  • Several apparatuses for the preparation of spinning solutions and for fibre, fibre non-wovens and filament production (up to 100 kg)
    • Lab and application field-scale spinning plants for fibre production
    • Lab and application field-scale spinning plants for filament production
    • Meltblown line for solution shaping, including solvent extraction and fleece drying
    • Meltblown line for shaping fusible polymers at moderate temperatures
    • Electro-spinning device (without spinneret)
  • Pulp and spinning solution characterisation
    • Capillary viscometer
    • Rotation-/ Oscillation rheometer
    • Particle size distribution
    • Particle concentration
  • Dry and wet milling of additives/modifiers