Biological research services

In our modern Bio-laboratory, we accompany material-developments with functional tests to bioactive and antimicrobial effects as well as with biocompatibility testing. We investigate new materials on activity against human pathogenic bacteria and fungi, and support the development of cosmetic and medically effective innovative products with tests on antioxidant properties and cytotoxicity. 

Antimicrobial tests Testing standard

Antibacterial activity of fibres, fabrics, and so on

  • Suspension test of textile materials against bacteria or fungi

DIN EN ISO 20743


Antibacterial activity of plastics and other non-porous surfaces

  • Cover foil test of plastic surfaces against bacteria or fungi

ISO 22196


Agar diffusion plate test

  • Determination of inhibition areola of substances and materials  on microorganisms

DIN EN ISO 20645


Determination of the minimum bactericidal concentration

  • Determination of the minimal effective and the bactericidal concentration of substances and additives

DIN EN ISO 58940-7

Determination of the resistance of textiles to mildew

  • Growth test of mildew spores on textile fabrics

DIN EN ISO 53931

Evaluation of the action of microorganisms on plastics

  • Modification of plastics due to contamination with bacteria and fungi

EN ISO 846

Testing of sufficient conservation

  • Determination of germ reduction in cosmetics and drugs

Ph. Eur. 2.6.12

Toxicologic tests Testing standard

In vitro-cytotoxicity

  • Toxic influence of material extracts or surfaces in direct contact with cell lines

DIN EN ISO 10993-5

Live-dead fluorescence staining

  • Fluorescence staining of cells with different dyes and microscopic analysis

Díaz et al. 2003


Algae growth inhibition test – water quality

  • Determination of growth inhibition of unicellular algae by substances in water



Luminescent bacteria inhibition test

  • Determination of bioluminescence of Vibrio fischeri after exposure to harmful substances

EN ISO 11348



Other Tests Testing standard

 Antioxidative effect (modified TEAC-test)

  • Determination of the antioxidative effect or Vitamin content of substances or material extracts

Re et al. 1998


Cell adhesion on surfaces

  • Adhesion of cells on material surfaces
own method



We gladly assist you developing your biofunctional product and support you with appropriate testing and consultations.