About TITK


Using the research and development work carried out by the "Institute for Man-Made Fibre Technology" as a basis, the TITK has advanced from an organisation offering research expertise for the application of fibres in the textile industry to an ultra-modern and world-renown institute for polymer materials research.

As an industry-oriented research institute, the TITK conducts both fundamental and applied research in fields of relevance to various industries.

Among other things, we support small and medium-sized enterprises with their innovation efforts by providing them with interdisciplinary expert knowledge, innovative ideas, specialised knowledge of the industries we work with, and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.

The objective of such collaboration is to develop technological processes and competitive products that meet the individual requirements of customers, whereby the results of our activities can be used for the most diverse applications in the fields of chemistry, plastics and textiles.


A team of 150 scientists and laboratory, technical and commercial assistants are employed by the institute and its subsidiary company. Together, these staff members ensure rapid and competent implementation of R&D tasks and material testing procedures.

Qualified and dedicated specialists also work in project groups on the development of materials, processes and methods that help increase our clients' competitiveness.

The TITK also plays an important role in the professional training of young men and women. At the moment, four apprentices are obtaining their qualifications as a textile production mechanic, chemistry technician, process mechanic for plastics and rubber production, and physics lab assistant. Students of chemistry, physics, textile engineering, process engineering, materials engineering and other subjects are also supported through internships and assistance with their Master theses and Doctoral dissertations.