Specialised processes - Fiber-Blow-Molding

The implementation of lightweight solutions by stress-related component design and efficient use of materials is gaining increasing importance in the industry. Here, the Fiber-Blow-Molding technology, wherein the fiber material is blown directly into a shaping tool and then pressed, offers an interesting approach.

At the TITK, developments are run for the qualification of a new process chain which allows resource-saving production of fiber reinforced plastics using the 3D Fiber-Blow-Molding technology.

The main advantages of this method compared to the molding process based on fiber mats are:


  • nearly waste-free component production
  • production of various wall thicknesses possible
  • load-oriented dimensioning feasible
  • different fiber materials usable

The method comprises only few process steps and offers a wide range of possibilities with respect to the fiber use and the component geometry which can be produced.



Fiber-Blow-Molding plant for the direct processing of different fiber materials consisting of:

  • 2 dosing units for opening and feeding fibers for the blowing process
  • blow-molding station with blowing-tool and various injection nozzles
  • sliding table for the transfer of the tool to the press
  • compression station with a working area of 2.20 x 1.50 m and 2,000 kN pressing force